Storm - Rocket Ship - 2 Tone Purple

Storm - Rocket Ship - 2 Tone Purple

  • $ 89.99 USD
  • Save $ 90.00 USD

Players seeking exceptional length and playability from their strike ball will find the Rocket Ship to go longer and more predictably than what they have in their bag today. The well-known R2S solid cover wraps this ball, but with an all-new surface prep that has never been used before: 3000-grit Sheen. This ensures an even, controllable, forgiving reaction for whomever rolls it. And with the Booster core fueling the Rocket Ship, this could very well be the benchmark ball bowlers have sought after for years.


Equipped with a mid-range RG and moderate differential value, the Booster Core offers excellent value for a mid-line ball. Because of its long and continuous motion, the Booster Core has been sought after by bowlers of all styles. Should this amount of hook be available at this price? We think so.

  • 2 Tone Purple
  • Solid
  • Fragrance - Butter Pecan
  • Booster Core
  • Flare = 4 - 5
  • 1500 Grit Sheen