Storm - IQ Tour Edition - Midnight Blue

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Craft inspired. Tour validated. The IQ Tour brings a new level of versatility to the table. One of the most forgiving shapes ever created, the C3 Centripetal Control Core benefits any bowler on any condition. The proven R2S solid coverstock ensures great traction and performance.

Released: July 2012

Color: Midnight Blue
Fragrance: Apple Crisp
COVERSTOCK: R2S™ Solid Reactive
WEIGHT BLOCK: C³™ Centripetal Control Core
LIGHT WEIGHT BLOCK: Modified Centripetal™ Core
FACTORY FINISH: 4000-grit Abralon®
BALL COLOR: Midnight Blue
DUROMETER: 74-76 Rex D-scale
FLARE POTENTIAL: 3” - 5” (Medium-High)
FRAGRANCE: Apple Crisp
WEIGHTS: 12-16 lbs.
Resurfacing to a 4000-grit Factory Finish Resurface to the original factory finish using a ball spinner. 1. 500-grit Abralon® - Sand for 30 seconds on all four sides with firm pressure. 2. 2000-grit Abralon® - Sand for 10 seconds on all four sides with light pressure. 3. 4000-grit Abralon® - Sand for 5 seconds on all four sides with light pressure. Storm recommends using the suggested cleaner/polish daily. Storm also recommends touching up the surface with only the final step every 20 games and resurfacing completely every 30-50 games.