Motiv - Venom Cobra - Copper / Black

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Strike back with the new Venom Cobra.  This new breed of Venom features the new Top Gear dual-density weight block and new Sabotage Hybrid Reactive cover combination that is absolutely devastating. Created for light to medium oil, it provides more length than the Venom Shock and a faster response to friction.

At the heart of the Venom Cobra is the new Top Gear dual-density weight block.  While the RG and differential are similar to the original Gear core, the dual-density configuration amplifies other variables of ball motion that, while not easily measured, are clearly demonstrated on the lane.

  • Copper - Black
  • Sabotage Hybrid
  • Reactive
  • Top Gear Core
  • Flare = 3+
  • Finish = 5500 Grit LSP